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Dienstag, 19. Februar 2019, 19:01

Weather closes large part of Generals Highway in Sequoia National Park


Anyone hoping to see the world's largest tree this holiday didn't get that chance.

Last night, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks closed the Generals Highway, between Potwisha campground and the Giant Forest.

The latest closure came after a brief reopening of the road on Sunday.

Reimer's Candies and Gifts is one of the more popular stopping points before Sequoia National Park.

And despite most of the park being closed due to unsafe winter conditions, workers there say they don't see a dip in business.

Because most visitors aren't aware of the closure until they get to the entrance station.

On Monday, most people turned around.

But others decided to stick around.

And some even tried to wait it out.

"We actually drove to the gate twice yesterday at different times just to double check and then we're like ok we'll try again today," said Carolyn Truong.

Carolyn Truong and Dean Pasternak are from Canada.

The big trees are on their bucket list, but it's not likely they'll see them on this trip-Potwisha Campground is as far as they can go.

They say they'll be back.

"We're hoping to do a West Coast trip one day too where we can just take the whole coast and all the scenery maybe in the summer, so everything is clear," Pasternak said.

The Generals Highway could reopen again soon, so officials with Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks advise to call ahead for the latest road conditions.

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